Abundant Life Christian Church collect the award for October 2018

Abundant Life Christian Church

The Limerick City Tidy Towns monthly award for October has gone to Abundant Life Christian Church for The Life Centre, their new base located at the former Smyths Toys store on Henry Street. Pictured at the property being presented with the award by Maura are Kevin Fitzgibbon Pastor, Breda Fitzgibbon Secretary, Pawel Garbowski Pastor, Sarah Legge Senior Leader, Matt Shepherd Administrator and Janet Tan Director. (Photo: Baoyan Zhang/I Love Limerick)

Abundant Life Christian Church

We love to see long-term vacant properties being occupied and rejuvenated, and Abundant Life’s new home, The Life Centre has utterly transformed the former Smyth’s Toys store which had become quite an eye-sore in this prominent city centre location, especially in light of the redevelopment currently taking place with the Hanging Gardens site nearby. The property is now a highly attractive state of the art Christian Centre with an extremely high-quality finish, beautiful windows and signage, whilst maintaining and enhancing the original red brick exterior. However, while we are delighted with the physical appearance of the property, this award is also for the members of the Abundant Life congregation who have volunteered to help Tidy Towns on many occasions in the past, and who continue to do great work for the community in general as part of their Church’s ethos and beliefs.

Abundant Life is a vibrant and growing Irish Pentecostal Church which started in 1995 and has been serving the city of Limerick ever since. They pride themselves in their welcoming multi-cultural Irish congregation with an emphasis on integration, participation and inclusion, with over 31 different nations being represented at their services on a regular basis. The current pastor is Kevin Fitzgibbon, an ordained Minister with Christian Churches Ireland, who has led the church since August 2003. Over the past 14 years, Abundant Life has grown steadily and has a reputation for passionate worship, friendliness, inspirational messages and generously serving the community in Limerick. For more information on their history, beliefs and services, visit their websitewww.abunlife.com, call them on 061 405023 or email alcclimerick@gmail.com.

The Life Centre is Limerick City Tidy Towns’ tenth monthly winner for 2018, following St Michael’s Rowing Club in January, Foot Solutions in February, La Fromagerie in March, Portleys Bar in April, Be Your True Self in May, Jack Mondays Coffee House in June, the Limerick City Council Parks Department in July, Flanagans Town House in August and Noonan Dental Care in September, and all will be in with the chance of winning this year’s overall prize at our annual event to be held early in 2019.