Overall Winner for 2022 Announced

Our overall awards event took place for the first time in 4 years on Wednesday19th April at Flannery’s Bar on Shannon Street, home of our last overall winners from 2019. Following an online vote, the overall winner for 2022 was announced as Wickham Way, runner up was Metis Ireland and in 3rd place was The Bedford Townhouse. Pictured receiving the trophy from Helen and Maura is Dave Ryan, General Manager of Wickham Way. (Photo: Adrian Butler/Limerick Leader)

Wickham Way won the award in July 2022 and was chosen not just for its vibrant exterior paintwork and signage, but also as it is a hub for the sale of vintage clothing, handmade art and crafts, locally produced goods and produce, and a host of many community gatherings throughout the year, all of which is a huge part of the Tidy Towns focus on recycling, sustainability and community involvement.

There was a good turnout of representatives from the 2022 monthly award winners, along with previous overall winners, Limerick City Tidy Towns volunteers and committee members. Maura O’Neill and Sharon Slater spoke at the event and thanked volunteers and monthly winners alike for their continued support, which had led to a fourth bronze medal in the 2022 National Tidy Towns competition and a nomination to be entered in Ireland’s Best Kept Town in the large urban centre category.

Judging will take place throughout the month of May so the Tidy Towns team will be working hard on that and also on their 2023 National Tidy Towns application in the coming weeks, and would appreciate everyone’s help in keeping Limerick looking as well as possible.